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Home intrusion…not just one intruder..multiple…

Most people, when they think of home invasion, think of just 1 intruder…what if there are more? The trend lately seems to be 3 or more intruders attacking at night. Reasoning seems to be, instead of searching, home owners can … Continue reading

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Water distillation…the quick way.

I live on an island of sorts. This is a bonus in some aspects as I have a rather large continuous supply of tasty seafood year round. The draw back of course is in times of need…I am surrounded by … Continue reading

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Present to future situation…and remembering the unorganized militia.

2 interesting if not eye opening articles on Business Insider show not only the present situation economically in the US via photos, but also a peek into what perhaps maybe the future situation for more and more as this economy slowly … Continue reading

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Tips from Urban Survival Guide.

Urban Survival Guide by David Morris is one of many survival books out there, though it separates itself by being more of a ‘bug in’ book (survive in place) versus heading out into nowhere land and surviving off nature. Something I … Continue reading

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Check list time…a bit early.

I used to post this at the beginning of every month, but felt it was too repetitive. In light of the seeming looming govt shut down, which may or may not happen, thought it would be good time to maybe … Continue reading

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Hurricane season ramping up.

Hurricane season is beginning to ramp up a bit. It has been fairly quiet for Florida the last few years, but don’t let your guard down. I recommend, if possible to check the National Hurricane Center at least twice a … Continue reading

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A great article on ZeroHedge written by the folks at Alt-Market. Brought up a great real life point as to why going on your own, or just you and your family, is probably a bad idea in times of widespread … Continue reading

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Mountain House statement on low supply.

An interesting notice up on the Mountain House website, brought to my attention by the head of our local meet-up prep group. FEMA posted a Request For Information (RFI) for suppliers of long term foods. This apparently prompted people to … Continue reading

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End of week news that raises eyebrows.

In case anyone was sleeping and missed the news (not that main street didn’t already know) the jobs market is terrible and unemployment rose to 9.2%. Buried in the headlines though was the much more ominous number of declining participation … Continue reading

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Vector borne diseases..prevention.

Something many preppers fail to think about…vector borne diseases. The Southeast US seems to be a haven for the little nasty biting bugs, but all across the US, insect vector borne diseases occur. What the heck are vector borne diseases?!These … Continue reading

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