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As many of you know it has been brutally hot and dry in Florida. The result has been water tables in many areas at all time lows and wildfires. – Information on all active wildfires can be found HERE.-Important tips … Continue reading

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Will Radiation from Japan be a problem here?

Just in case you have been under a rock and missed the whole Japan quake/tsunami/nuclear plant meltdown in progress. The 2 isotopes we should worry about are Iodine 131 and Cesium 139. I-131 being the nastier of the 2 since … Continue reading

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Survival Rations…

Survival rations (SR) should be part of every preppers stock. SR’s are different from your standard stock of food in that they provide nutrition in only the most dire situations. Mainstay 3600 emergency food rations are that type of food. … Continue reading

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Sanitation…the stinky problem.

I thought I would start the new year off with something usually overlooked….sanitiation during times of disaster. Many stock up on loads of TP and then really don’t think about the issue after that. So what to do when the … Continue reading

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I’m a slacker…

credit Yea, I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m lacking a decent excuse, but get ready…a bunch of reviews are coming, and I might even make an attempt at the dreaded video posting…at the very least it … Continue reading

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The Madness of a Society.

This video is a bit political (with some religious undertones) but drives home the serious problem this country will shortly face. I know I’m ‘preaching to the choir’ on this, but it clearly shows the problem. There is one silly … Continue reading

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Gear Review S.O. Tech Mission Go Bag and Mission Bag Extended

S.O. Tech has 2 products I like, Go Bag Extended and Mission Go Bag. I was looking for something in the bailout bag arena. Something to basically get me home should a sudden disaster occur. Something I could easily stash … Continue reading

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Just a little walk…

I was out on a little walk today, and thought OK let’s do a little prepper thinking. What if….I needed to find food, start a fire etc. It’s winter time and things are looking a bit bleak where I am … Continue reading

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Life to imitate Art?….Will ‘I am Legend’ (the movie), come true?

I get worried when humans try to play ‘God’ and begin messing with DNA, much less anything else that has the potential to mutate into something quite deadly. Regardless of which side of the embrionic stem cell research discussion, the … Continue reading

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Monthly Rotation and checklist.

Don’t forget it is rotation and check list week. Tips this month:Every six months it’s a good idea to inspect and taste your water supply or even change it out. Even reaching into the barrel (or what ever you use … Continue reading

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