Home intrusion…not just one intruder..multiple…

Most people, when they think of home invasion, think of just 1 intruder…what if there are more? The trend lately seems to be 3 or more intruders attacking at night. Reasoning seems to be, instead of searching, home owners can show the intruders were the valuables are more quickly.

Some cases unfortunately, involve more violent and nefarious agenda.

Many say ‘no problem’, I have a shotgun (or other firearm)…but it is not as easily done as it is said. You are surprised, multiple targets in multiple directions with loved ones in close proximity, in close quarters is not the same as paper targets at a range. Adrenaline is pumping, have to get to weapon (not many people wear their firearm while sitting on the couch watching Monday night football) then have to engage targets.

Some simple steps can be found HERE and HERE.

But preppers should seriously consider going further and getting professional training for home invasion and/or multiple targets.
JB Training (NE FL, SE GA)
CRI (Nevada)
Please note…I have not tried either course, but will probably take JB’s course and will post a review. I encourage people to do their own research and find what works best for them.

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is also a great way to learn pistol shooting at a whole different level. IDPA uses realistic scenarios to engage multiple targets, moving, loading, shooting from cover, etc..

The situation isn’t pretty out there folks. If the present economic down trend continues, we can expect this to occur more frequently. Don’t be a target! Prepare and train now.

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3 Responses to Home intrusion…not just one intruder..multiple…

  1. Good links.Toddhttp://www.prepperwebsite.com

  2. prepster411 says:

    99% of people are wonderful, no problem to be around. 1% could care less if you live or die. They might even enjoy watch you suffer. Because of those 1%, I carry a Glock 19.

  3. well in my case my dogs bark is not worse than her bite, if she can slow em down a notch I’ll do the rest. You gotta love a pound pitty I suggest everyone rescue a large dog from the pound mine sleeps on the bed and really nasty when she gets woken up, she is not a morning person and can tug over 500 lbs with her teeth grasping a rope I have never had anyone try and steal
    my truck with her in it and it running

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