Spread of Tropical Vector borne (insects) diseases in the Gulf Coast US + a little accident at the CDC.


The spread of tropical diseases in the US is increasing…much has to do with increasing poverty in the US…especially gulf coast region. The region has never fully recovered from numerous tropical systems nor the impact of the massive Deep Water Horizon spill.

The recent finding that dengue fever has emerged in Houston, Texas—the first major United States city in modern times with autochthonous dengue—adds to previous evidence indicating that the Gulf Coast of the Southern US is under increasing threat from diseases thought previously to affect only developing countries.


Mitigation of vector borne diseases cannot be emphasized enough, and many times go relatively ignored by the prepper. Headnets and bug spray are a good start, but also clothing spray such as Permethrin and bed netting need to be added (even inside the shelter). Caution when entering and leaving shelter needs to be taken to limit the intrusion of insects. You should sweep yourself off a few meters from shelter to dislodge mosquitoes and flies, then move quickly to enter shelter securing insect shield quickly (ex. if you have a screened porch…have a hand broom set a few meters away..brush self..move quickly to get into screened porch. Clothing should be stripped off in the outer room (screened porch) and body inspected for ectoparasites as well as clothing. This helps dramatically limit the exposure to others inside shelter. If you do not have a screened porch, there are several ways to make a little set up just off your entryway that allows this to happen.


Think of this area similar to an airlock on a spaceship or sub.

Please remember pet owners to do the same procedure for pets entering and leaving (check the underside).


And in other news…the CDC had an itty bitty accidente’ yesterday…

As many as 75 scientists working in government laboratories may have been exposed to live anthrax bacteria, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday. The scientists are being offered treatment to prevent infection.


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